Personalized Birthday Gifts

We are all judged by what we gift! If you gift a boring gift like flowers or cake, the recipient of those gifts will think of you are someone who didn't want to spend even few minutes thinking about the gift.

In a way, what we gift, reflects upon our relationship with those for whom we buy a gift. If you really don't care about someone, by all means, give them something boring - a cake even.

But if you care, and want to show you care, you want to give a gift that the recipient cherishes, you need to dig a little deeper.

If you are looking for non-boring personalized birthday gift, then Nutcase is just the place for you.

Here are some of our suggestions

Custom Whiskey Glasses

1) Personalized Whiskey Glass or Custom Mason Jars: One can easily add the name or pet name of a person you are gifting this to. A custom whiskey glass or mason jar will be used often and every time while using the recipient will remember you.

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2) Personalized Passport Covers or Luggage Tags: Another extremely popular choice for birthday gift or return birthday gift is personalized passport covers and luggage tags. Nutcase has wide range of collection and design templates to choose from

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3) Personalized Men's Wallet or Hoodies: A faux leather monogram wallet with your friend's name or a hoodie with his/her favourite number or initials might just be that unique gift that you are looking for

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4) For Those who love cooking, a Personalized Apron: Some of us are gifted with culinary craft, and those with such gift would love to receive a personalized apron.

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5) NFC Business Card, Excellent Birthday gift for your boss or colleague: Business cards are a passe, with NFC Business Card you can exchange your details in seconds.

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There are many more unique birthday gift ideas you can find at Nutcaseshop.com, browse through personalized and designer sections, or just click here

Personalized Birthday Gifts



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