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Face Masks with your Face

THE NEW NORMAL FOR NOT SO NORMAL (BUY NOW FOR RS 399) In the new normal it seems everyone must wear a mask. While thousands would simply wear a plain boring masks, there are some Nutcases hidden in the plain sight - people who like to stand out. For them we have got quirky face mask on which one can put their own picture. Made with high quality materials, these washable masks will not only protect you from the floating virus/bacterias but will also make you stand out in the crowd of muggles errr others. Get yourself a cool face...

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Personalized Name Plates for Home

DESIGNER NAME PLATES FOR THE MODERN FAMILIES For Rs 499. MAKE YOUR OWN NOW - CLICK HERE Urban jungle, all flats look the same. But not all people are the same. Nutcase designer customised name plates door signs are for those people, who even though live in the copied pasted flats, have inimitably unique personalities. Available in 100s of designs because we know for those who love design, value being unique. And if you like you can create a 100% personalized name board plaque -ย  (click here) With Nutcase Name Plate - the personality of your home would start from...

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