Collection: Name Plate Design for Home

Looking for Personalized Name Plate Design for Home? Nutcase has wide range of designs for name plates, select the design that suits your style, add your name, flat number and your custom name plate will be delivered at your doorsteps. 


House Name Plate Design

Nutcase offers the widest selection of house name plate designs, so that you make a great first impression. From floral and quirky to minimal and modern, led light name plate to God Name Plates - we have the best and the widest design collection. Choose from square, rectangular, circular or arched shapes in materials from weather-resistant metal to natural stone. Express your unique style with our wide range of materials, from wooden to metal, acrylic to laser-cut stainless steel. No matter your home's architecture or your budget, Nutcase has a name plate that's a perfect fit. Our name plates are more than a decorative accent—they're a chance to proudly display your family's name and make your house a home. For quality, selection and style, Nutcase is #1 in home name plates.

Steel Name Plates

Nutcase steel nameplates add a touch of class that will make guests feel like VIPs as soon as they arrive. Choose from a wide range of designs to find one that matches your home's unique style. For an especially luxe look, opt for the raised 3D lettering. Nothing beats steel for durability, and Nutcase metal name plates are built to withstand the elements for years while still looking freshly installed. When you want to make a great first impression, a custom nameplate is a small detail that speaks volumes. Welcome visitors to your abode with a nameplate as solid and timeless as steel.

LED Light Name Plate

Nutcase high-quality backlit LED Light name plate will shine bright day and night, creating a lasting impression on passersby and guests. The subtle glow from the LED lighting makes a statement without being over-the-top, ensuring your name is visible and readable whether during the day or after dark. Perfect for beside the front door, over a home office desk or above a child's bedroom - the illuminated name plate adds a warm, welcoming touch that visitors will certainly notice.

God Name Plates:

Bring peace and protection into your home with Nutcase God /Faith name plate. Crafted from durable and premium materials, this entryway sign features the the God or symbol you believe in to bless your home with harmony and good fortune. Whether you choose Ganesha or Shiva, Allah or Jesus this name plate serves as a constant reminder of the divine presence that surrounds and protects you and your loved ones. More than just decorative, this name plate aims to elevate the spiritual vibration of your entire living space, infusing it with a sense of calm and wellbeing that starts the moment you walk through the door.

Wooden Name Plates

For those who preferred a more classical look, wooden engraved name plates are a perfect choice.

At Nutcase you can also buy wooden name plates with built-in planter, that lets you add
lush greenery for an inviting pop of nature. Artificial greens are
included to provide year-round curb appeal without the hassle. 

Whether displaying your family name or house number, these Wooden name plates
lend a touch of class to your entryway. And the rich wood grain means no two are exactly alike, giving your home a signature look. For a memorable greeting that will impress guests and passersby alike, look no further than these premium wooden name plates. Your house will be the talk of the neighborhood.

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