Collection: Medal Holder - Custom Hanger for Medals

What better way of motivating your kid than gifting him a Medal Holder. Made with high quality acrylic, your kid can display his or her achievements in style with nutcase custom hanger for medals. Hang it in the bedroom or living room, every time your son our daughter will pass by this medal hanger they will be motivated to win a few more medals. 

Medal Holder-Custom Hanger for Medals

Nutcase medal holder is made for instant glory. Simply write your name and within seconds we create a custom hanger for medals. The sturdy 5mm acrylic with 6 to 8 arms, provide ample space to proudly display your accomplishments for all to see. Whether you're an athlete, scholar, or hobbyist who's worked hard to achieve a goal worth celebrating, this stylish hanger turns triumph into tangible keepsakes that inspire the next challenge.

Personalised Medal Hanger

Your acheivements can now be displayed along with that special moment of victory with Nutcase Personalised Medal Hanger. Simply add a picture and our photo frame medal organizer will proudly display your kids achievements'.

Perfect Birthday Gift

Medal hangers also make for a perfect birthday gift for kinds between 5 to 15 age. If you are attending a birthday party of an acheiver, why not gift them a custom medal hanger? Personalized gifts show that you have given some thought, thus are appreciated much more than regular/boring gifts.

Importance of Displaying Achievements

Displaying one's achievements through a medal hanger is not just about showcasing laurels; it is a powerful motivation. It serves as a tangible reminder of the perseverance, progress, and sublime experiences garnered on the mat. It symbolizes the fruition of countless hours of dedication.

Having these triumphs visually present fosters a sense of pride and inspires both the practitioner and onlookers to embrace the quest for self-improvement and holistic well-being.

Medals showcase your metal

Whether your sport is badminton or tennis, chess or karate, cricket or football, javelin or table tennis at Nutcase your will find a medal organizer that embodies the spirit of the sport you love.

Photo Medal Organizers

A picture speaks a thousand words. Medal hangers adorn the walls of your home and it makes a lot of sense to add picture of your child to motivate him or her to do even better.

Metal Medal Hanger or Acrylic Medal Hanger

At Nutcase, we believe in giving the choice to you - you can select from cost-effective acrylic medal hanger or sturdy stylist metal medal hanger - we leave it upto you.

Acrelic medal hanger is made with 5mm premium acrylic and will definitely take the weight of your medals, whereas Metal Medal Organizer is made with 2mm premium metal and black coated for premium look and feel.