Collection: Light Name Plate-LED Nameplates for Home

Nutcase Light Name Plate - LED Nameplates for home will look beautiful, day and night. In the night, just switch on the light and impress neighbors, guests and passerbys.


LED Name Plate - Light Nameplates for Home

Nutcase LED name plate will bring a touch of style and elegance to your home entrance. Crafted from premium acrylic with 3D raised letters for a sophisticated look, it features a high-quality LED light with a 1-year warranty that casts a warm, inviting glow in a soft yellow hue. Ideal for flats, bungalows or restaurants, these Light Name Plate lets you customize the space with your family name or monogram in a fun yet elegant way.

High Quality LED with just perfect illumination

At Nutcase, we understand that you want just the right illumination. Not too bright, not too dark - our Light Nameplates with warm white light, glows softly and invitingly. Get ready to get compliments from Guests and Neighbors.

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