Collection: Custom Travel Essentials

Shopping for a family member or friend who's loves to travel? Give them Custom Travel Accessories Essentials from Nutcase. Select from the wide range of travel must haves like personalized water bottles, custom coffee tea flasks, passport covers, luggage tags and many more absolutely necessary accessories.

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Travel Essentials by Nutcase - because one most travel in style

Planning a trip abroad? Nutcase travel essentials not just let you save dollars/euros/pounds but they also elevate your style quotient. Our passport covers will not just protect your precious travel documents but also adds to your style. Add luggage tags and you'll spot your travel bag as soon as it comes out.

And if it's a long flight you definitely need our custom travel neck pillows, these memory form pillows ensure you don't land up at your destination with a neck pain.

Here are some more travel accessories that will not just add to your travel style, but will save you precious Euros/dollars or whatever currency your destination accepts.

Sip your coffee/tea in style with Nutcase Coffee Tumblers - whilst saving 100s of dollars/euros

Who doesn't like drinking coffee in cold climates? While Travelling to foreign countries, you can save a lot of money if you carry your coffee beans and French press from home and make coffee in your hotel room or Bnbs. Carry them with you in Nutcase coffee tumblers and sip your warm cup of joe as you enjoy it for hours - whilst walking around or idling at your favourite spot.

The stainless-steel construction of the Nutcase tumbler ensures durability and longevity, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate quality in their daily essentials. This material also provides excellent insulation to keep your favorite beverages at the perfect temperature for an extended period. Say goodbye to lukewarm drinks and hello to the joy of consistently warm sips, thanks to the Nutcase Tea Coffee flasks reliable thermal properties.

Custom Water Bottles-Stop buying plastic water bottles

Many of us waste a lot of money buying plastic bottles from supermarkets - whilst travelling abroad. Simply carry custom water bottles by Nutcase, with name/initial/monogram engraved, you can carry your water from your room - as many developed nations tap water is the best source of water with right minerals and TDS.

Whenever you stop at a restaurant or cafe, simply request them to re-fill your bottle. The new world respects and appreciates those who don't add to the carbon footprint.