Collection: Personalized Card Holder

Nutcase brings you personlised Visiting Card Holder! Write your name or make one for your buddy. These Card Holder Holding 15 Cards fit perfectly in your pocket or purse and make awesome gifts for any occasion.

Personalized Visiting Card Holder: Organize in Style

Introducing Nutcase's Customized Visiting Card Holder Case, a sleek and personalized solution for organizing and carrying your business cards. Whether for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for a friend or colleague, these holders offer both practicality and style.

The primary use of the Customized Visiting Card Holder Case is to keep your business cards neatly organized and readily accessible. With a capacity to hold up to 15 cards, it ensures you always have your professional contacts at hand, whether in your pocket or purse. This convenience is particularly valuable during networking events, meetings, or whenever you need to exchange contact information on the go.

Beyond functionality, these holders serve as a stylish accessory. Customizable with your name or personalized for a friend, they add a personal touch to your professional image. Additionally, they make excellent gifts for any occasion, from birthdays to corporate milestones, showcasing your thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

The compact size of the holder ensures it fits seamlessly into pockets or purses, enhancing portability without adding bulk. This makes it an essential accessory for professionals who prioritize efficiency and organization while maintaining a polished appearance.

In summary, Nutcase's Customized Visiting Card Holder Case combines practicality with personalization, offering a convenient and stylish way to organize and carry business cards. Whether for personal use or gifting, it's a versatile accessory that enhances both professional and social interactions.

Personalized Pens - A Corporate Gift that Everyone Loves!

Nutcase knows what people love - and even though we all are in the age of computers, people yet love their pens. Specially if it has their name engraved on them. We offer wide range of Personalized Pens - from magentically levitating pens to pens that exude class.

As you climb the ladders of success, you realize it is the small things that add to your persona, a great pen is definitely one of them. At Nutcase we understand that you want your pen to display your success, your confidence. What better than personalized levitating pen with its own stand.

For those looking to give a corporate gift that everyone loves keep on their desks - this magnetic stand pen where the logo of the company can be etched on the base and the name on the pen is a perfect one.

These are also excellent gifts for your boss, colleagues, your graduating son or a daughter, also a brilliant secret santa gift.

At Nutcase we have wide range of corporate gift options, for those who are a bit more tech oriented, how about a. QR NFC Card with business details?

Available in metal and PVC materials, this QR NFC card transfers your details to anyone in seconds. This is a great gifting idea for those looking to connect with the IT crowd.

Also for new age businesses, provide one NFC QR card to each of your employees, instead of the old fashioned paper cards.

Somethings never get out of fashion, personalized diary with a matching pen will remain a great corporate gift for ages.

When people carry their diaries to make notes, they want to ensure that their diaries exude class and confidence. It is literally, a reflection of their mind. Nutcase diaries are meant for young, over-achieving professionals. Excellent corporate gift for those in media industries and banks.

Desk Planners - A must have for events-based company and media firms

Add your business logo and keep one desk planner on each of your employees desk and see their productivity improve.

No matter how technologically dependent we become, something like a desk planner helps people remind their critical tasks.

Another great corporate gift idea is custom bottles and custom mugs - both of these will be used often by your employees, and they'll build a strong connect with the business. Add your logo on one side and employee's name on the other to ensure that no one drinks from others botthes.

Also check our pen mobile stands, business card holders and stationery kits - at nutcase you'll never run short of ideas for gifts.