Collection: Small Table Lamps for Bedroom

If you seek space-saving small table lamps for your bedroom, Nutcase mini metal lamps are the ideal option. Crafted with premium metal, these small yet exceedingly charming lamps will infuse your room with much-needed color and character.

Small Lamps that add a 'Big Wow' to your space

Compact in size yet big in aesthetic impact, Nutcase Small Lamps redefine the notion of space-conscious design. Infusing vibrant hues and distinctive character, our mini lamps elevate any environment they grace while occupying minimal tabletop space. Crafted from premium materials, these ergonomic luminaries are indispensable for aficionados of exquisite design sensibilities.

Customized Lamps-Personalized Night Lights

Nutcase Customized Lamps bring personality and whimsy to any space. Choose from a wide selection of design templates or upload your own photos to create a personalized lamp that tells your story. The wooden tripod base, metal frame, or LED night light designs make excellent gifts for kids or adults alike. Whether you choose a basic white lamp or go bold with a colorful pattern, these Nutcase lamps infuse your decor with imaginative flair. Their compact size makes them perfect for bedside tables, desks, or shelves while still providing enough light to read by. So gather your favorite photos and turn your mini lamp into a conversation starter that highlights what matters most to you.

Mini LED Night Lamp: Excellent Kids Birthday Return Gift

If you are looking for a great return gift for your kids birthday, Nutcase mini custom led night light with wooden base is a perfect choice. This mini LED night light will brings big joy to any little kid's room. The wooden base and warm white glow make your child's name or favorite design shine as they drift off to sleep. Whether you choose a simple name, unicorn motif or even remote control shape, this return gift is sure to delight any kid. The warm white LED light casts a soft glow that's easy on young eyes while still providing enough illumination so little feet can find their way to your room in the middle of the night. A clever, playful gift any child is sure to treasure.